What is really happening in Ferguson

November 26, 2014 at 10:36 am Leave a comment

Here is another instance of what is wrong in society in the United States. Most problems boil down to the same issue: Failure to take responsibility for oneself.

While emotions run wild and tensions grow, one only needs to look at the parents of Michael Brown for blame. Just fifteen minutes before their son’s death, Michael Brown terrorized a convenience store clerk and took what he wanted from the store. Why did he do it? Because he could. He was six foot five and nearly three hundred pounds. Who was going to stop. He was, by definition, a bully and a thug.

Does anyone believe this is the first incident Michael Brown was involved in? I doubt it. Why isn’t Brown’s history coming out in the press? Hypocrisy. The incident in the convenience store is already overlooked. It is likely that prior incidents have been covered up.

The thing about bullies and thugs is that they don’t typically live long lives. While bullies and thugs often prey on those who are weaker, they eventually encounter someone who is bigger and/or badder. On that fateful day in August, that’s what happened to Michael Brown. If it wasn’t on that day, it would have happened eventually.  In the meantime, Michael Brown would have preyed on more victims.

Who is to blame? I look at the parents. If they didn’t know he was a bully and a thug, then they are ignorant. If they did know, then they are simply negligent. They raised a bully and a thug and either didn’t know or did nothing about it. It is a tragic loss of life and one that could have been avoided through proper parenting.

This is a perfect example of hypocrisy throughout America’s institutions. Those very groups that seize this as an opportunity to promote their causes – in the name of “justice” – are ruining innocent people’s lives – from those in Ferguson who see the truth but simply remain quite, to shop owners in Ferguson, to those affected in other cities, to an innocent police officer and his family. Where is the justice there?

Finally, will the correct lesson be learned through all of this? There is a bit of misdirection. It appears that activists are using this incident to have governments at local, state, and federal levels to re-examine law enforcement practices. But isn’t the real lesson about how to properly raise your own children?


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