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Response to Senator Paul Ryan about Accountability

Dear Senator Ryan,

I’ve received an email from you this morning that had the subject “Hold Them Accountable”.  I’ve included the text of the email below.  I find the message to be both amusing and hypocritical.

First, as a disclaimer, I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  I’d like to keep my voting record private, but I will admit I’ve always voted for Republican presidents, except in the last election.

Your email places a focus on holding Democrats accountable.  However, I find Republicans to be lacking in accountability and to be acting irresponsibly.  Face it, Republicans lost the battle on Obamacare nearly three years ago.  Now you want to have the federal government default on paying its bills in an attempt to repeal Obamacare.  In sports, there is a name for this type of behavior: sore loser.

I suggest the following tactic to Republicans for affecting change in the future: Win elections.  If your party can get its act together and actually take control of Congress or the executive branch then pass a repeal of all the laws you want…including Obamacare.  But I don’t see how a minority party can hold the rest of the country hostage.

I was not a proponent for Obamacare.  But I’ve accepted the principles of democracy.  It is a law, except it and move on.  Yes, I’d like an alternative, but the Republicans appear to be in a downward spiral.  The way the party “leads” is distasteful and it has few appealing leaders.

Letter from Senator Paul Ryan
Subject: Hold Them Accountable

Last week, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives passed a government funding bill that delays and defunds ObamaCare. Period.

The fight has now moved to the Senate, where Harry Reid and vulnerable Democrat senators have a choice: Stand with their constituents or stand with President Obama.

Republicans have remained true to our principles throughout this fight. ObamaCare is a gross overreach by the federal government that the American people didn’t want then, don’t want now, and do not want to see continue.

ObamaCare will raise premiums, restrict access, and hurt jobs.

Because the House took action, there is nowhere for vulnerable Democrat senators to hide.

The foundation of our democracy is built upon accountability. And the Republican National Committee has made it their mission to hold accountable each and every Democrat who chooses to embrace the President’s health care train wreck at the expense of their constituents.

Last week, House Republicans stood with the American people.

If Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refuse to do the same, we must help the RNC elect a Republican majority in the Senate that will.

Please contribute $14 today to keep up the fight and elect a Republican Senate in 2014!

Paul Ryan


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Is Bone Density Testing over-utilized or underutilzed?

There is some controversy about the utilization of bone density testing.  In general, I find too many instances of misleading or factually incorrect reporting.  In this case, it is too bad because it adds an extra burden to patients and primary care physicians who simply want to know whether a test is needed.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician, but work in the medical imaging field.

Take this article, in MedPageToday, for instance.  The headline states that bone density testing if over-utilized. I consider the headline to be misleading and believe the author did a vast disservice to patients and physicians.

First, one could write an article with the title, Bone Density Testing Is Underutilized, and produce facts to back it up.  According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, “Studies also suggest that approximately one in two women and up to one in four men age 50 and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis“.  In addition, the Bone Mineral Measurement Act of 1998 suggested all women older than 65 are eligible for a bone density scan.  Yet, approximately 1 in 6 actually ever have the test.

Second, the article referenced by the author focuses on bone density testing for patients already on treatment for osteoporosis.  The article questions the value of follow up bone density testing in order to observe changes in such patients. The headline for the MedPageToday article , however, omits the significant fact.

It is too bad the author, and the publication, did not take greater care in creating an accurate headline.  As it is, the headine is somewhat alarmist and I find it misleading.

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