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Setting up Airport Express to stream

The Apple Airport Express with AirTunes is great for streaming music to remote speakers.  I’ve used it with a variety of routers and setting it up is not always easy.  The main problem is the WIFI security.

I generally use my own WIFI router at home.  I have had DSL, FIOS, and cable.  The routers that the broadband providers supply are not that great.  The Apple Airport Express is not a very good router either, in terms of performance.  However, it is great for streaming music from iTunes, iPad, and iPhone.  I set up the AirPort Express to join my network and then stream through it.

The problem occurs in having the Airport Express join an existing network – that being the network provided by my WIFI router.  The AirPort Utility software is used to setup the Express.  After having it join my network, the light often flashes amber.  This means it wasn’t able to join the network.

I’ve used a variety of WIFI routers for my home network and a variety of models – mostly LinkSys and DLink.  The problem with the Express joining these networks is always the same – the WIFI security.  WPA security (aka WPA Personal) or WPA2 should be used on both the WIFI router and the Express.  If given an option, choose WPA2 on your router.  Also, if given a choice, choose AES + TKIP.

It appears the Airport Express works with only WPA and AES+TKIP.  I believe WPA implies AES only.  So, if given the option, try WPA2, which implies AES+TKIP.

Specifying these options varies from router to router.  For example, the DLink DIR-655 allows WPA.  But it also has an encryption setting that includes “WPA and WPA2”, “WPA only”, and “WPA2 only”.  The last one was the only one that worked for me.


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