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Will America miss something special?

I can’t help feeling like America will miss out on something special. Tonight, Senator Obama defeated Senator McCain for president of the United States. McCain is an exceptional man, one that doesn’t come along very often, particularly in politics. He will not be president.

McCain has demonstrated some unique abilities and qualities over a lengthy period of time. He has offered his life in service for his country. He has shown an ability to work through differences, by working both sides of the political aisle in Congress. He has proven himself to be an honorable man with integrity and that can not be questioned. Unfortunately, such a man won’t lead the country.

My feelings are more a reflection on McCain as opposed to Obama. I have no doubt that Obama is a decent man. Obama seemed to be more charismatic during the campaign and also also seemed to represent “change”. Those are what seemed to appeal to the American public.

It is ironic that McCain’s concession speech is such an excellent demonstration of his ability to lead. McCain shows a respect to those who are different and to those with differing opinions. He shows that his country comes first. He shows that there is a point where one can cross the line in politics and he knows where to draw the line – and keeps his followers inline. His honor and integrity are clearly evident.

What does the next four years hold? Nobody knows, but I hope to follow McCain’s lead and support the new president. To quote McCain, “I wish godspeed” to our new president.


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